Newest journal entry - 13 April 2014

It's leftover aRTD book time! Store open! AaaAA!

What the title says! First, without further ado, here's the link to the simple little store that I opened (at Storenvy) for those of you who simply want to grab a copy right naoow: Linkity-link go here!

I'll keep the store open for two weeks, which means I'll close it before the month is over and go back to Finland and start shipping out the orders (first I'll ship out the books for those who needed replacements from the Crowdfunding campaign, I wrote a Indiegogo update about that on Monday).

Here's a some info about the book for everyone who wasn't around for the print drive last year, and about the preorder itself:


- It's my previous webcomic "A Redatil's Dream", all of it, in one hardcover tome. It's huge and big and heavy and so long, 608 pages all in all ( the comic portion is ~560 pages.) And in case you know nothing about the comic itself it's basically a cute little Finnish mythology-adventure about young lad Hannu Viitanen and his loyal, adorable Finnish spitz dog Ville (who gets to be a dog for chapter in the whole comic).

-The total print run was 2000 copies, and I sold about 1200 during the print drive. In case it turns out that there's still a huge demand for the remaining books I'll cap this preorder at 650 copies to make sure that I have enough books left to cover damaged copies and such (and save a few boxes for myself, you never know when you might a copy of your first book to give someone.)

-The print pack stock is currently limited to 30 packs, bacause that's what I have here at my apartment. I should have a few dozen more at home in Finland but I don't know how many, I'll raise the cap a bit once I do know. Either way there's not a ton of them left, I was very surprised by the populatity of them and in hindsight I should have printed more than 500 sets. But hey, at least I know that people like pretty little postcard sets and I'll surely design an awesome-looking one for the eventual SSSS book printing-drive. :3

-The books with a little original Ville-drawing are limited to 100. I ended up doing over 300 drawings for the books from the print drive, this time I'm smart and put some kind of limit tthere, hehe. It's the only kind of traditional art for grabs by the way, oooh! *Waves hands*

-The cheaper shipping (-15$) only applies to books shipped within Finland this time, not all Nordic countries. When I launched the print drive I thought I'd be shipping from Sweden with slightly different price options, but that didn't end up being the case, and shipping the book From Finland even to neighbouring Sweden literally cost me like only 1 Euro less than shipping all the way to the US, because of all the inter-European taxes that get tacked on to the shipping prices. :/

-I don't know when I'll open the store then next time after this, so if you do want a copy I strongly recommend to get one now. Maybe I'll open the store again sometime in summer, but maybe not. It'll depend on a lot of things, really.


I think that's the most crucial info...remember, preorder ends in about two weeks! I won't set an absolute date in case something comes up with my travelling between countries and such and I need to close it a day early/later, but by the end of this month it is. And if you have any questions at all just ask, as usual. And be back tomorrow for a new page of SSSS! :3

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"Stand Still. Stay Silent" is a webcomic know what, I won't tell before the prologue is over. But it's an adventure story with some humor, some horror and lots of friendship.

I drew a webcomic called A Redtail's Dream, a fantasy adventure built around concepts from Finnish mythology, before starting SSSS and you can read it over here.

I'm currently working on the physical book version , and the book should be printed and available in spring 2014, so keep an eye out for that in the next few months. I'll post updates on the progress in the blog and below the comic in the author's comment section when I have something to report on.