30 Dec. 2013

And thus one more part of the prologue is over. The next one is the final act before a slight time jump, and after that it's time for the main storyline to start. :D

I was hoping that my tablet would have enough power for me to work a bit on some new pages, but no such luck. I was able to color the finished linearts that I took with me from home all OK, but drawing new pages from scratch just doesn't work. Too much crashing (and subsequently me raging) to get any real work done. So after another page-ruining crash yesterday I gave up and spent the day doing this silly character portrait thing instead:

Heh, it was fun. Scout-guy is fun to draw because of his crazy boots and braid-guy because of his hair, of course. Maybe I'll do something similar of the other main characters while I'm still away from home...or maybe I'll grab a pen and paper and sketch up some comic pages the old-fashioned way. That way I'll be able to jump right into linearting once I'm home again. We'll see. :P


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