29 July. 2015

New chapter, go! Here's the sneak peek page, the chapter break will finally end in just one more week!

I'm still waiting for the books, which is driving me nuts! Last week I was told they were basically done and I'd get them like...today? But then yesterday they called me from the printers that they're not done after all and now I'll hopefully get them on Thursday instead. Agh, its the pain of doing business during summer! Everyone at the printers seem to leave for summer vacation so my contact person there has kept on changing these last few weeks, I'm assuming that's what's causing the slight misinformation.

But keeping my fingers crossed for Thursday now! It doesn't really matter a whole lot which day this week the books arrive, they'll be safe sitting outside my door for a while even if they come at a "bad" time (safe from rain too, my aunt and uncle showed up a few days ago with this marketplace tent roof thing and installed it by my door, haaah! One less thing to worry about.)

So yup, new blog post will go up when/if the books finally arrive, if not then I'll see you all next week instead!



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