12 November 2015

That's the first week over, it's nice to be back. :3 *Edit* I have thus been informed that it is not Friday yet so there's still one page coming up this week. Euuunng, that crushing feeling when you thought the weekend began and it didn't... ;__;.

Can we talk about the weather a bit?! So, this weather, huh? I can not remember the last time that the weather's been this depressing for this long! It's just been constant misty grey for ages, even the few hours of the day that are technically "light" are almost dark because the unmoving, solid, steel grey cloud cover is so dense. And everything is so wet all the time even though it doesn't rain! Normally I like to take a long walk every other day to not melt into my working-position, but ugh, not when it's like this.

So instead I find myself walking back and forth in my little apartment space since that doesn't require going outside in this weather. Seriously considering buying one of those home exercise machines for the winter because this is so stupid. I keep almost tripping on items lying on the floor, and having to turn around every five steps is dumb. I wonder if I dare just ordering one off the internet or if that's something one should go test out in a store first or whatever. I'm conflicteeed! :I



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