7 December 2015

Reynir isn't scared enough of ghosts, maybe now he will be.

Well it's been a hectic weekend, the books went up for sale on Saturday as promised aaand... they're sold out. Already. Yes, that was way faster than I expected, I thought the leftover stock would last at least a week or two (there were 650 books for crying out loud!), but the reader base for SSSS really has grown a lot since the print drive. I'm happy of course, but I know some of you are going to be disappointed with not being able to buy one yet. But fear not, those of you who couldn't get one: there will be a reprint! In fact that's first on my list to get working on after the holidays and once I've rested up a bit. So that'll be happening relatively soon.

And since I'm mailing out 200 of the books from my home (the ones I had kept for European buyers) I'll skip this one last Wedneday update as I did during the fulfillment of the print drive. I'm going to have them all sent out during this week, that way they will most likely arrive by Christmas to European buyers. :3

That's all the info for today I think!



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