8 April 2016

Info paaage (Yup, a full spread design). One more coming up on...Monday? Yes, let's say Monday.

And hey, guess what? The SSSS book is back in stock over here at the hivemill store! Hooorayyy! I really am glad the books made it to the other side of the pond safely, it's always so nerve-wrecking to organize these things. But now they're there, yay!

SSSS book 1 back in stock!

Alright, some answers to common questions real quick:
- It's only unsigned copies this time. The whole batch of books went from the printers to the warehouse without a stop by my doorstep. Thank goodness, I would have died!
- There aren't any big changes to the book from the first edition, really just some errors fixed and stuff like that.
- Yes, it ships from America and I'm not running a secondary store for European readers from my home this time. So yeah, unfortunately there isn't a lower shipping cost option for non US folks for now.

That's all I believe. I ordered as many books as I could afford with the profits from the last book sale, so hopefully these will last for a while. :3



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