3 Feb. 2014

Hahaa, 90 years! I saw a few of you guessed pretty close there, and most were guessing just one or two generations in the future. Some of you were trying to find clues from the drawings in he misc section, but oh no, those are from a way too early stage in the planning to be relevant anymore. Back then I was toying more with the idea of only ~50 years in the future, but the problem with such a short time is having too many people still alive who knew the old world. Now...not so much.

Only a minimap this time, because this is just a tiny mini-stop in Reykjavik. We'll eventually return here for a major-ish part so I'm saving the big map for that. By the way, we're now in the real time of the comic and you'll be able to figure out what the story will be about in the next few pages, but officially this is still part of the prologue. Originally chapter 1 started here, buuut then I changed my mind. It fit better a few pages from now, after the world map.

Crud, I haven't had time to draw anything fun for weeks (because AAAGH so much work on the aRTD book and it'll be here this week and I can't get shipping label printing to work and I still have over 200 drawings to draw for people and EVERYTHING but I'll write more about that later) so I haven't made anything cool for a new vote bait pic. Instead it's a little sneak-peek preview of the first chapter cover! Which is finished. :3


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