8 February 2017

And we have a match! Good job, Reynir, you did it. I'm sure Lalli will express great gratitude towards you.

Super duper early update today, I know! It's not even close to being Thursday yet. I just want to get up early tomorrow so I'm throwing this one out there for you guys before I go to bed. I don't have any important appointments or anything, I just... desperately need to... go to the grocery store. *Shudders*.

And the only bus into town that has a comfortable return schedule leaves in the morning, and you know me: I'm a night owl and will normally not be awake in the morning. But in the afternoon buses only run every couple of hours, which I don't mind most of the year, but it's cold now and cold + sparse bus timetables make me nervous. Nervous enough that I haven't taken made trip into town for a good few weeks now. :<

That's the tragic story for today's early update. Tomorrow's page will be up at the usual time, and hopefully I'll have succeeded at stocking up my pitifully empty fridge and freezer by then. ;3



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