Page 726 30 May 2017

It's Tuesday aaand we're back! I managed to get the planned 6 pages drawn, and even sketches done for two of the remaining three. (Oh, and for those who misunderstood: the big chunk update won't be posted now. The pages are for a bit later, a good few weeks or so from now. But that's soon!)


Today has been a pretty rough day. Those of you who follow me on twitter know that my cat has moved in with me for the summer (she's always lived with my parents), and today was my first full day with her after my mom went back home on Sunday. And wow has it been emotionally draining! Not because my sweetheart kitteh has done anything bad, it's just hard for me to adjust mentally.

So I've been having crying fits all day from different worries. See, it's been about 4 years since I moved away from home, and I haven't had a pet in my care during all this time. Now the emotional burden of being solely responsible for another living being's happiness and well-being ( a living being that has no say in the matter and is completely dependent on you for that matter) has crashed down on me. I can't even begin to comprehend how people with children are able to cope with such responsibility.

At first this morning I was just worried and sad that she might become lonely and depressed with only me around, since she's always had access to way more companionship back at my parent's place. Then it dawned on me how freaking old my dear kitten really is. When I left she was about 9, now she's over 13 years old, and the expected lifespan of indoor cats is about... 12-16 years. Now all I can think about is that she might not only become depressed about moving in with me, she could also just die of old age while she's here.

Anyway, that's been today, just drawing this page while crying a lot. But I'm feeling a little bit better and less worried now that its' evening and my cat finally wanted to go out into my yard and play a bit. And after she left me a big old decapitated mouse on the doorstep, complete with a big smear of fresh mouse blood on the doormat and a pile half-eaten mouse innards next to it. So even if she's elderly at least she's still in good enough shape to chase critters (maybe she's not going to die on me yet after all), and my yard is hopefully engaging enough to stave of that dreaded cat-depression.


Just had to vent a bit! I'm sure I'll be feeling less anxious and sad in a few days once I get accustomed to having a pet in the house. See you guys on Thursday for the next page!


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