6 June 2017

Too bad the words might be stuck in the language barrier, but all the smiling should carry the spirit of the pep talk.

I bough a new graphics tablet a while back and it just arrived today! Because this old thing, a Wacom Cintic 12WX, that I've been drawing all my digital art on for over 6 years, has been increasingly signalling its approaching end. It was finally time to get a replacement.

Which means once this tablet croaks, I will continue working on .... another Cintiq 12WX! That I got off ebay.

Hey, what can I say. I know it's a model released in 2007 or something, but I like it! And I have tried the successor 13 inch cintiq, which I did not like for various reasons. The other possible option would be the slightly larger 16 inch version that might fix some of the issues, but that one costs almost 1700€! At that price point I better be sure I'd love working on it for years and years, which was not the case this time.

So hey, new graphics tablet, same as the old graphics tablet! By the time this one break hopefully there'll be another generation of Cintiqs released, and the sheer advancement of the technology will be palpable enough that it'll be worth buying a new model. :P



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