Page 818 23 November 2017

Emil, where are thou? Where will you go? Whatever will you do?


Okay, time for book 2 Kickstarter news: we have passed 100k! Which means we've unlocked all stretch goals. In about 3 days. That's insane, with the book 1 campaign the final stretch goal was "only" 85k, and it took at least a couple weeks to reach. If I remember we only crossed the 100k mark in the very last week during the final days of backing, so things going this fast for book 2 has been stupendous! I mean, the reader base has grown since that time, but still, wow! Thank you everyone!

You can read more about the stretch goals on the KS updaes, but I will draw a 4 page bonus comic for the back of book 2 (just like book 1 had) and Hiveworks will now be able to have a Kitty plushproduced! The plush will be available in the Hivemill store for everyone, and It'll be amazing! (I've actually seen an early prototype of the plush and it looked so good!)

There won't be any more stretch goals, I honestly don't have anything reasonable to add, I want to focus on making the main parts of the project as good as possible (which are book 2, reprinting book 1, and the Kitty plush). With Hiveworks helping with a lot of the heavy lifting (dealing with the printer, shipping the items etc) I might not even need to take any breaks from updating the comic to finish my parts of the work load with this setup.

A lot of people have been asking about also reprinting A Redtail's Dream in this project, but that's would be too much for now. That reprint will need way too much work all around and would simply complicate things too much. But we do have plans to arrange a dedicated reprint campaign for it in the future, after this one is all wrapped up, and after I and the Hiveworks team get some time to breathe afterwards. And that way I'll be able to dedicate work on cool new aRTD related things to go with the book. So... don't worry everyone, it'll happen!


And on a final note... the Kickstarter will still run until the 29th of December, giving anyone who wants to back it later plenty of time to do so. It'll just be a calm and relaxed campaign for the remaining time, maybe we can reel in some new readers through it while it's running. And both books (signed bookplates too), the charms, the plush will all be added to the Hivemills store later on if you can't join the Kicksterter.


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