3 April 2018

Night falls, which means ghost time!

Dentist check-up went fine, teeth are fine, no need to worry about that for another year. I had to spend almost 5 hours in the city because the bus schedules happened to be very unfortunate that time of the day, and let me tell you, it reminded me just how much I appreciate living in a small sleepy town! I spent most of the time walking around, and it was just constant trying to not bump into streams of people, waiting for green lights to cross roads, cars somehow having green light at the same time as pedestrians, trucks suddenly appearing out of underground parking lots and driving out right in front of you, construction, buses, noise from every direction, agh! Only good part was that some restaurants smelled really good when you walked past them, but other than that, awful! I can't even understand how everyone who lives in the middle of cities don't get terribly stressed out by all the constant commotion.

Anyway, feeling calm and extra happy here at home, so see you all tomorrow!



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