5 June 2018

Oh noes Emil, was that the smart thing to do?

I've been very short on the author notes lately, that's because I've been working overtime trying to slowly grow my very meager page buffer to 4 pages. Which is because I'm going on a one week hiking trip this Thursday, and I don't want the comic to be on a break since it's not a very long chapter to begin with. And I might just be able to pull it off, I'm very close! I've managed to reach a buffer of the equivalent of 3 pages , 1 all finished and 4 inked ones, now I just need to focus real hard and somehow color and letter those 4 pages in the next 1.5 days and we'll be all set for my trip.

If I fall short we'll skip one update, but... I want to try! Anyway, see you on Thursday, I'll know by then if I've succeeded or not. :3



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