8 October 2018

Hello again! One week done of the break, time for some updates and dates. But first the most important thing for those of you who had been waiting:

Book 2 is available in the store! And the plush, the very first ssss-shirt design, the charm set, new prints and the e-books!

Now on to the general stuff: it's a little under 3 weeks left until the break is officially over, but there will be something posted every Monday. Next week will be the finished big cover for the next adventure. Many of you have seen me working on it during the livestreams but for the rest of you... it'll be a cool reveal!

The Monday after that I will post the first couple pages. And the monday after that the break is basically over and everything will continue on as normal.


Livestreaming will go on as normal over here on twitch, comic drawing on Fridays and Illustrations Saturdays, with occasional bonus streams. In fact I will do a bonus stream tomorrow, on Tuesday starting at 21.00 Finnish time as usual. The crew in halloweed costumes has been requested enough that I have succumbed to the will of the people and that's what I'll be drawing tomorrow. Feel free to drop by!



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