3 July 2020

Hi guys! One week left of the chapter break, huh? Want to see what I've been working on during the break so far?

Whaat? What's that? Volume 3 in printed book form?! Did you miss a Kickstarter?! No, no, you didn't. Hiveworks are still planning a Kickstarter for the America-based BIG print run of book 3 later this summer. What this is, is my own Finland-based, small print run, that I've had printed myself, and will be selling myself. And if you're in Finalnd, Sweden or Estonia you can buy one RIGHT NOW from my little mini-shop that I just opened. ***UPDATE!*** 100 books ordered, that was my limit for this mini-opening, so it's closed now for a bit. I'll omail these orders out, make sure they arrive well, order more shipping supplies and re-open probably in a few weeks, with more countries next time! Thank you all! ***END UPDATE*** --->Liiiink<--- I'll be mailing out orders next week!

So what's up with this sneaky, sudden side-store? Well I've talked about it on my Youtube channel for a while, but for a long time I've been working towards opening my own online shop here in Finland, so that people in Europe will be able to buy the books with lower shipping, shorter delivery times etc. I'd only keep it open for short periods of time a few times a year rather than all the time like the Hiveworks-run main store. And here it is! I only have book 3 to sell for now, and I'm testing it out for a short while with just a few countires, and we'll see where we go from there! My goal is to have book 1 and book 2 in stock eventually too.

That's it! Weekend livestreams (both Friday and Saturday) will be on as normal. And next week is the last week of the break.


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