14 August 2020

Okay, big news! The Kicstarter for volume 3 is coming... this weekend! The launch date is Saturday 15th. I wasn't able to reveal the date until now becase Kicstarter was taking aaages to approve the campaign so it looked like it'd need to be postponed, but it has finally been approved today and will launch on Saturday! The campaign is run by Hiveworks comics, like the last one, and is the big international release of book 3!

(Side-note to anyone who is FRENCH: volume 3 will be published by Akileos publishing in French this autumn, so unless you specifically want the english version you'll be able to get that one cheaper and faster.)

When it's live I'll send out my Hummingfluff newsletter to everyone who is subscribed to it (there's a signup thing on the main page) but anyone can also sign up to be notified by Kicstarter itself when the page goes up over here<<--

For weekend livestreams: no Friday stream (I've inked next week's pages already) but on Saturday we'll do an extra long Kicstarter launch-drawing stream! I'll probably start a couple hours earlier than usual and work on a new illustration. So I'll see you on saturday over on my Twitch channel!


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