15 September 2020

It's a deal!

Aaand the Kickstarter has ended! I'm so happy about how many people wanted the book(s), and the peopel at Hiveworks are getting the gears going for printing book 3, and also printing more of book 2 and 1. I don't have anything cooler than that to say, but I'm always so gateful that I get to keep working away at this comic.

Also, for enyone who was wondering: yes, you can still get books 1 and 2 at the Hivemill shop as always, and book 3 will be added to it once backers have gotten theirs! And my Finland based mini-shop will probably re-open in early November or late October, subscribing to the newsletter (signup is on the front page) is the best bet to catch that one.

Anyway, see you on Thursday for the next page!


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