23 March 2021

Hi all, here's to proper announcement of the short comic! It's done and up to read:

~Comic synopsis: "Lovely People" is a comic about three best friends; an aspiring social media influencer, a Christian homemaker and a mother-of-three grade-school teacher, enjoying their lives in a Social Credit system. Until they run into trouble.~


For those of you who already read it, same words and answers to questions:

FIRST: Today's comment section is closed since I know many people will be upset about the comic. I left it open yesterday because I wanted to let you vent negative feelings for a bit, but in order to let those who just want to read SSSS in peace do so, I'd direct the venting to the fan forum (or wherever else).I heard there's a place set up to argue there. I'm in no way affiliated with the forum, it's all fan-operated, and I don't visit there, so whatever the mods decide to allow is up to them, I don't mind. (If you need to voice your disapproval directly to me there is a feedback email under the comic. I don't reply but I'm reading the messages.)

SECOND: for those of you who were worried that I'm upset or hurt by any things that have been said: don't be! I can't be upset, because the negative comments I've gotten are things I would have agreed with just a few year ago! Sure, I didn't write them to anyone but I wholeheartedly approved when others did, and felt all kinds of anger in my heart. I see my past self in those comments, I know where it comes from, and I can really only feel compassion. So don't worry. I'm even surprised how non-hurt I feel, when normally I hate having my work criticized and bruise my ego so easily. But not with this, it's different.

THIRD: for those worried that I'll have a breakdown and nuke SSSS from orbit or change it in any way: no, don't worry. I'm finishing the story arc the way I've written it when I was an atheist, I'm sailing this ship neatly into its destination bay without crashing it into the dock if you will. And I'm not going to be putting political or other commentary on this website like i haven't before, so those of you who wish to just see how SSSS ends and then be done with me can do so in peace. In the meantime I'm going to be studying some theology and build up a good understanding to go on for my next project after SSSS has ended.

FOURTH: I'm very happy so many were positively touched by the comic, believers and non-Christians alike. Even if you only got one thing out of it, and didn't vibe so much with other parts, I'm very pleased. Thanks for all the kinds words!

IN CLONCLUSION: it's okay to be upset with me, no bad feelings, SSSS will continue as normal until its end, and then I'll see where God takes me for the next project. See you on Thursday for the next page, we're getting close to the end of this chapter.


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