26 March 2021

That's the end of th chapter! And finally a break for me! It's been half a year of non-stop work, I'm going to sleep and rest and just relax now! It's a 3 week break instead of the usual 2: 1 to draw buffer pages and 2 of actual break. We'll be back on Monday the 19th!

The chapter cover page will be up on Monday the 5th, as a midway-ish touchpoint.

This week's Saturday drawing stream on twitch will be on as normal, we'll do some inking of the cover. See you then, or see you on the 5th.


The new bunny comic is done and is here to be read:

~Comic synopsis: "Lovely People" is a comic about three best friends; an aspiring social media influencer, a Christian homemaker and a mother-of-three grade-school teacher, enjoying their lives in a Social Credit system. Until they run into trouble.~


Side note: I'll reopen the comment section after the chapter break.


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