22 April 2021

OY! Those of you who backed the book 3 Kickstarter in autumn: make sure you've filled in the Kickstarter backer survey with your shipping address! Hiveworks just let me know that there's about 20-30 people in each major tier that hasn't given their address yet, so if you can't remember filling out the survey in the last month or so, please log in to your Kickstarter account to do it. They've already started sending out the first few tiers of packages, and they can't send you yours if they don't have your address! Alright, that is all. Time for bed, see you tomorrow.


News on the "Lovely People" comic: I'm currently working on getting a PRINTED VERSION done! I've set up a newsletter (separate from the SSSS newsletter that's on the front page) for updates about it, so join it if you wanted to buy a copy! I'll also use it for updates when I eventually start my next comic project!

---> Link to email newsletter signup HERE! <---

Whatever that next comic is going to be (I have a budding idea) it'll be something very Christian themed. I'm using the time that's left of SSSS to learn as much about the historic, biblical, orthodox faith as I may, so that I'll have a good foundation to start from. I still know so little, but every day I feel like I learn something new. So hop on that newsletter if you want to come with me where I go next.


"Lovely People" is finished and is here to be read online:

~Comic synopsis: "Lovely People" is a comic about three best friends; an aspiring social media influencer, a Christian homemaker and a mother-of-three grade-school teacher, enjoying their lives in a Social Credit system. Until they run into trouble.~


Comment section rules: remember to be respectful of each other, and try to keep discussion mostly comic-related if you can. I don't have time to moderate the comment section so it's not a very good place for arguments of the more heated kind.


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