26 April 2021

It's almost May and yet it's been snowing the last 3 days, I had to move all my spring seedlings back indoors. No leaf buds on any trees or bushes yet, how sad.


News on the "Lovely People" comic: I'm currently working on getting a PRINTED VERSION done! I've set up a newsletter (separate from the SSSS newsletter that's on the front page) for updates about it, so join it if you wanted to buy a copy! I'll also use it for updates when I eventually start my next comic project!

---> Link to email newsletter signup HERE! <---

Whatever that next comic is going to be (I have a budding idea) it'll be something very Christian themed. I'm using the time that's left of SSSS to learn as much about the historic, biblical, orthodox faith as I may, so that I'll have a good foundation to start from. I still know so little, but every day I feel like I learn something new. So hop on that newsletter if you want to come with me where I go next.


"Lovely People" is finished and is here to be read online:

~Comic synopsis: "Lovely People" is a comic about three best friends; an aspiring social media influencer, a Christian homemaker and a mother-of-three grade-school teacher, enjoying their lives in a Social Credit system. Until they run into trouble.~


Comment section rules: remember to be respectful of each other, and try to keep discussion mostly comic-related if you can. I don't have time to moderate the comment section so it's not a very good place for arguments of the more heated kind.


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