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8 January 2014

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Start of the year post. Also, birthday.

I was going to write a super quick little new year's post today, and then I remembered that tomorrow is my birthday so this is also a super quick little "I'm older now".post. And I drew this silly little picture, because tomorrow I will be 24 years old:

I'm getting so old! Just a few years ago I was looking forward to one day passing 30, because I figured that surely I must have grown into a confident, mature adult by then. What a relief that would be! But now I'm kind of starting to think that I'll be just as nervous and scared of everything as I am now (only 6 years left to get confident? So not happening!), except once I'm 30 other people will expect me to be confident and knowledgeable of life.

I really enjoy having the "young adult" card to pull in situations when I'm completely clueless about basic life stuff. After losing that one I'll have to wait until I'm, like, 60 to get my "old person" card and my cluelessness will be socially acceptable again. In the years in between I'll just be the annoying weird lady asking dumb questions about rudimentary things while almost crying.

Anyway, birthday tomorrow, and it's a new year ahead with lots of scary and exciting new things happening. Plus this will be my first one that I start off by living on my own, so it's a bit odd. Hopefully it'll be a pretty cool year.

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