13 October. 2014

Who here likes languages? I do! A lot! So yes, as you can see the scandinavian languages are ridiculously similar, that's why Emil and Tuuri are able to speak with Sigrun even though they technically don't share a language. Same goes for Mikkel if he slows down and makes an effort to speak clearly. Of course the vocabulary here is very basic so it's bound to be extra similar between related languages, the languages are not quite as identical as the page here would suggest, but close. Poor Lalli on the other hand has to get by with the most impenetrable language barrier there ever was.

Let me know if anything is misspelled or downright incorrect, guys! I have to rely on various online lexicons for getting the Icelandic, Norwegian and Danish translations so they could be wrong. xP Tomorrow: big language tree graph!

Ah, almost forgot: the next stretch goal was reached! Now everyone who gets the book through the print drive will also receive a free bookmark, which will have the very helpful flag cheat sheet on it. And I added the two final stretch goals (yes, that's a kitty litter box at the end there), looks like we'll at least be able to get to the first of those in the 9 days that are left. Maybe the final one too, who knows! (And eeee! 1000 backers passed! Thank you everyone!)



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