28 March 2022

The end! Just a cozy overview-page to round things out. I already wrote all the farewell-info during the original bear-epilogue here on page 542 and I don't think there's anything new to report on, so I won't repeat myself on the goodbyes! Also, it's the end for you guys, but I still have SSSS work in the future that I've committed to (like bonus contents/cover/etc for books 5-6 etc) so work-wise it's not quite the end for me yet. But almost. It was a good run.

(Also I'm still detoxing from social medias for a bit and just working away quietly for the rest of the year, rounding out my theological understandings, clarifying my thoughts and solidifying my faith. But once I start my next bigger project I'll make new accounts specifically for it. But yeah, I'll probably seem super-absent from most internet stuff for a good few months still.)


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