3 November 2020

Bear hole commenced! See you on Thursday for the results.

*EDIT* Comments are closed for now, because I have pages to draw and don't have the time to moderate them, and a whole bunch of people seem to have forgotten one of the only two rules I have for discussion: don't insult each other and don't make politics-comments! I don't put my political emotions into the author posts, you don't put them in the comments, the whole rest of the internet is for that!

The whole point of having non-political corners of the internet is that it eats your soul and mind if you never think of anything else (case in point: Twitter) and makes enemies out of everyone. The reason the comment section here is normally pleasant is because modern politics is not allowed, and I myself don't antagonize against those of you who disagree with my beliefs (which is probably 99% of everyone reading here anyway) So take a chill pill, it's not that hard guys, geeze!

I'll open the comments again when people have calmed down, Monday probably.


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