5 November 2020

Hey if any of you is French or has a French friend, great news: SSSS volume 3 has now been published in French by Akileos publishing, if I've understood it correctly it should be available in places where one goes to buy graphic novels in France and major French-speaking areas in other countries, book stores I assume. So if you've been waiting for that it is now out!

(Sadly I can't stay up to watch the comments to keep people from spiraling into politics, I need to go to the post office tomorrow. I already had to clean out like 40 comments on yesterday's page from everyone who couldn't practice self restraint. Seriously, why do so many people think that by not mentioning things/names directly and instead using roundabout phrases and winky face emotes I won't get it and you can just ignore my "no politics in comments" rule? I understand English, people!)

Anyway, I'll probably open the comments tomorrow. See you then!


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